Evies Story

Well a big warm hug from me to you!

I’m Evie. A young, crazy enthusiast for life that discovered a real passion for healthy food alternatives whilst travelling the world, allowing my soul to dance.

Here I’m going to be sharing with you recipes, workouts, general everyday garbage or crazy spells. This is my blog where I can write about all the things I love and all the possible advice I can give! I hope you enjoy it as much I do writing it!

A little bit on me and Raw Bake Station, well… I came across ‘Raw Food’ whilst in Australia and I was curious about what all the fuss was about. I am actually very fortunate as I don’t have any food intolerance’s but I do LOVE sweet treats and I believe passionately that we should look after our mind, body and soul. So I spent a lot of time learning about Raw Foods and in particularly Sweet Treats alternatives. I realised that you can create dairy, sugar and gluten free amazing treats that, because they are not cooked, retain 100% of the nutrients…….so feeding your body with goodness and blowing your mind with taste at the same time.

So that’s how I got started, with a passion and an interest to build on our cardboard tasting gluten-free range and produce some absolutely melt in your mouths, sensational healthy goodies that can be enjoyed by everyone.

From what started off as just an seed in the soil, has now turned into a flowing popular success. I am forever on the go, whether that be working, socialising or keeping active, I am loving it. I suggest you get doing what your dreams are and also get trying my products! Prepare to become Raw Bake Station OBSESSED.


Much Love

Evie Xo