Espressin’ hell. These are the mighty fine highlight of my week so far…
A rich chocolate hit with a coffee aftertaste, makes these brownies quite possibly the no.1 dessert to put on your ‘to bake’ list.
Soft, warm and covered in peanut butter is enough to make anyone drool.
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NB. If you’re not a coffee lover, don’t despair – you can sub in nut butter, chopped nuts, fruit – whatever takes your fancy! Alternatively, stick with plain brownies, you can’t go wrong.

You’ll only need a mixing bowl and wooden spoon for the brownies – pretty old school! And no prep is really needed on this one, although I would start with ‘watering’ your chia seeds. They only really need 10 minutes to form a grey gloopy mixture, but it’s important they have this consistency as they are the binding agent in place of eggs.



130g buckwheat flour (or all purpose-flour)
80g raw cacao
pinch of sea salt
10 tbsp (3/4 cup) cold pressed melted coconut oil
3 tbsp chia seeds
1 tbsp pure vanilla extract
100g coconut sugar
1 tsp baking powder
2 tbsp of espresso powder *
Plant milk of choice (I used cashew)

5 medjool dates (or another type, as long as they’re soft and squishy)
1 tbsp espresso powder *
2 tbsp cold coffee
1 tbsp coconut oil
Plant milk of choice

* If you don’t have this, feel free to sub in regular instant coffee – but ideally a dark roast.


– Pop your flour, cacao, sugar, baking powder, espresso powder & sea salt in a bowl and mix until everything’s combined.
– Then add your plant milk. I tend to start with about half a cup and gradually add more and more if need be, whilst stirring. Make sure to not over do it, you don’t want the mixture too wet yet – and you can always add more!
-Add your chia seed ‘jelly’ as well as your coconut oil (you want this liquid so gently heat through first if it’s not). Mix until you have the perfect batter consistency – you know the type where you almost decide not to bake it and just eat it raw!
-Line a baking try with parchment and ladle your mixture into there. (Pop in the oven at 180 degrees, and check the centre of them after 15 minutes with a toothpick or a knife. If it comes out clean, you’re good to take them out.)

Whilst in the oven, you may as well get on with the drizzle! Because you’ve got dates involved, you’ll need to get your food processor/blender involved too.
-Blend your pitted dates, espresso powder, coffee and coconut oil until it’s smooth. Depending on your desired consistency, add plant milk as you wish – I made mine quite gooey, but perhaps leave out the milk if you want more of a spread-on frosting.

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Now, who doesn’t love a brownie warm but let them cool a little so you can cut them into squares. Once you’ve done this, drizzle on the…drizzle – and enjoy!

Much love, Evie Xo


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