Raspberry and Acai Cheesecake

Happy Bank Holidays Friends!
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12 medjool dates
150g almonds (blitzed up first)
2tbsp coconut oil
150g cashews (soaked overnight)
2 punnets of fresh raspberries
3 tsp açai powder
3 tbsp coconut oil
5 tbsp coconut milk
1 vanilla pod (extract is fine too!)
Squeeze of lime 

1 punnet raspberries
1 tbsp of maple syrup (or sweetener of your choice) 

Start by making the base. Put your almonds in the blender and pulse until they’re the right consistency – keep a bit of crumble!
Add the pitted dates and coconut oil and blend until everything’s combined and is nice and gooey. If it’s too wet, add more nuts – feel free to mix it up and add some desiccated coconut or something something.
Press the mixture evenly into the bottom of a suitable tin (use baking parchment if you’re worried about it sticking!) and stick in the freezer whilst you get the raspberries involved. 

In your (sparkling clean) blender, pop in your cashews, raspberries, açai, vanilla, coconut oil and lime. Blend together for a little while, until your mixture is smooth and velvety.
Then you’re the judge on how much coconut milk to add. Don’t be worried to leave it if it looks good as it is, but add a tbsp at the time if it needs more combining and ‘creaming’. I used 5 tbsp’s for mine, but perhaps only because I didn’t soak my cashews overnight. Blend until you have a deliciously creamy ‘cheese’cake top.
Take the base out of the freezer and spoon the raspberry goodness on top.
You’ll need to be patient with this one, stick back in the freezer for at least a few hours. So if it’s a birthday/celebration cake, getting cracking the night before!
Make your raspberry topping by squishing some fresh raspberries with a the back of fork and stirring in your chosen sweetener.
When you’re ready to serve, take your cheesecake out the freezer half an hour before, and pour over your raspberry coulis.
Don’t expect it to last for long!

Processed with VSCO with 4 preset


Much Love, Evie Xx


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