Banana Rama Bread

Vegan // Gluten-free // Refined sugar-free // Wheat free


So good, I’ve made twice!
Now I can’t take credit for this beauty of  a banana bread. My gorgeous friend Bryre, was over for a few weeks from Australia and she was kind enough to bring me a piece of her homemade banana bread.
Now if you knew Bryre, you’d be slightly wary of trying her own baking too! However, to my fab surprise, it was AMAZING and completely free from all the c**p that I love to avoid. So thank you Brizzle, for this amazing recipe that I have to share!

– 3 ripe bananas
– 1/2 cup of ground almond
– 1 tsp of cinnamon
– 100g coconut oil
– 1/4 cup of chia seeds
– 1 drop of vanilla
– 2 dates
– 3 tbsp water
(extra banana for decoration/optional)

– Preheat the oven to 200 degrees.
– Blend all ingredients in a blender until the become of a thick milkshake consistency. ( I used a magimix but any blender will do!)
– Line a bread tin (deep and rectangular).
– Slice your fourth banana into long strips and place two of the banana thins along the botton of the tray,
– Pour in the mixture to the tray and allow to settle on it owns for a more natural looking banana bread!
– Place in the oven and check after 20 minutes.
– Turn the oven down to 180 for the last 15 minutes.
– Test the bread with a blunt knife. Poke it through the middle of the bread and if it comes out clean, then you’re good to go!
– Take the banana bread out of the oven and leave to stand for 15 minutes.
– Once cooled slightly, lift the bread out of the tin and onto a wooden board. Be careful not to take it out too rough/quickly, it is still very hot and more prone to breaking.
– Leave to cool for another 40 minutes or enjoy warm!

By far the best banana bread, I’ve made! So healthy too.



Evie Xx


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