The vegan food diaries _ FT. Breakfast

I’m sure most vegans have been asked the same question (snore) when explaining that they don’t eat the following:


“Well,urm, what on earth do you eat then?”
The funny thing is, there is actually so much more to the food plate of a human than just meat, potato and little veg… sorry guys. There is a whole other exotic world of foods/dishes to be had when you just execute a little of the conventional foods, i.e meat… you become more adventurous and more playful.

SO, I wanted to share with you my own go-to breakfasts for if and when you ever decide to try a meal without the above foods.

  1. Avocado on toast (my all time favourite) // crumpet avec. chilli flakes and sriracha sauce (tasty).
  2. Porridge made with oat/cashew/almond/soya milk – topped with only the greatest add ons (aka raw bake slices)
    porridge .jpg
  3. Garlic mushrooms and tomato on sourdough toast
  4. Smoothies – from your fruits to your greens and even to your proteins!
    E.G Juice all your green vegetables plus a stalk of ginger + then blend it with half an avocado and a tsp. of spirulina powder.
  5. Full english breakfast // vegan style – Hash Brown//Vegan sausage// Beans // Tomatos//Mushrooms//Tempeh
  6. Acai bowl
  7. Pancakes with a s**t load of maple and peanut butter
  8. Coconut yogurt with chia seeds and mango

There you have it, a list of vegan breakfast ideas, ready for you take action!

Much Love,

Evie Xx



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