Chocolate heaven has arrived.

Quite literally both the best and worst time for me. If you didn’t know already, I’m a total foodie but also a fitness fanatic and staying in great shape is always at the top of my priorities list.
So, as you can imagine, Easter is a very testing time for me!
With summer on its way, I’m sure many of you can relate that staying clear of the Easter eggs and chocolate bunnies is a must.
I therefore wanted to share with you some of my own healthy alternatives to both every day chocolate bars and every day food items for baking (it is the month for it!).
Let’s start with the obvious, chocolate, seeming as though it seems to have increased its presence on the shop shelves since January (why is this even a thing? Easter eggs being on sale so early).
Take a look at the ingredients. We’ll work this in baby steps.
Amateur level) Choose the chocolate with the least sugar content.
Professional Amateur) Swap for a dark chocolate of 70% or more.
Professional) Make your own raw chocolate.

Super quick & easy raw chocolate recipe:

Ingredients (all of which can be found in your nearest supermarket):
300g cacao butter
100g cacao
1tbsp Maple syrup
1-2 drops of vanilla essence
1 pinch Himalayan salt
Handful of nuts and dried fruit

Melt down the cacao butter using a double boiler system (glass bowl over pan of hot water)
Take off the heat once melted and add in the cacao, maple, vanilla and salt. Mix thoroughly.
Taste test. Add in more of anything you fancy – if you want it sweeter, simply add more vanilla/maple.
Leave to stand for 5 minutes then pour either into moulds or free pour as I did.
Drop the nuts and fruit in and place in the fridge quickly!
Will be set and ready to eat within 20 minutes #thinkmorethinkraw


If you are trying to get creative this Easter and spend your day baking a cake, I’ll show the alternatives to conventional baking ingredients:

Milk – There are plenty of milk alternatives nowadays so this shouldn’t be too tricky, and you may even prefer the taste. The most popular milk alternatives are almond, coconut or oat milk. I personally find Rude Health to have the best selection in terms of flavour. Almond milk is a great one to use in cookies!

Eggs – This is where things can potentially get tricky, however the substitute I use is a mix of:
1 tbsp of vegetable oil
1 tbsp of water
1 tsp of baking powder
This is would be the equivalent of one egg.

Butter – I tend to swap out butter for either coconut butter or cacao butter. If you are using coconut butter, make sure you buy the odorless one to avoid an overpowering taste of coconut. You really won’t be able to tell the difference.

Sugar – the devil of all ingredients – now this is something that I feel really strongly about when it comes to any food product. It should never be the calorie content or the fat that you should look for, it should be the sugar. So, when trying to make things sweeter without using refined sugar, I’ve actually found that most substitutes (even “healthy” refined sugar free bars) are still very high in natural sugars. What works for me is cinnamon! It naturally sweetens things without giving you an unnecessary hit of sugar. Test it out in your bakes or even in your porridge in the morning.

If you need any more information or fancy trying out a cake using these alternatives, email me and I can always advise further.

Enjoy! Much Love,

Evie Xx


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