Broccoli, Spinach + Pea soup : Veganuary Ideas.

Keeping up with having a cleaner start to 2018 or even on your ‘Veganuary’ journey, I have the perfect recipe for you to enjoy both as a lunch time meal or as a light dinner.

Broccoli, Spinach and Pea Soup


4 pieces of Broccoli
2 bags of spinach
1 tin of peas


-Boil the broccoli for 12-18 minutes until very soft.
Rather than emptying the water out into the sink when draining the broccoli, keep the water for your stock – more flavour, and for intense nutrient absorption.
-Add the broccoli (including stalks) spinach and half the tin of peas to a blender, and blitz until the ingredients become of a thick creamy consistency.
-Once you’re satisfied with the consistency and you’ve made sure that is smooth and lump free, add the mixture into a pan and put on a low heat.

-Add the water in slowly until you’ve found the perfect consistency. (I like my soup thick, so I tend to only use a little amount of water).
-Season to your delight, pepper and salt are the only seasoning I used but I know it can be nice with a little garlic in there.

-Add in the left over peas and stir till thoroughly mixed through.

DSC00200 (1)
And there you have it, the easiest and tastiest vegan dish to date.




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