Misleading Food Phrases

Hello again my fellow chicken legs,

So, I came across this photo on Instagram today and it really filled me with writing magic (yes, it’s totally a thing)! So here we are.


I realise it’s Christmas so most of your hold backs on food have gone out of the window BUT I wanted to express how important it is to really know and understand what you’re putting inside you.
This may be old news for some of you but for a lot of people out, it certainly isn’t.

We are led to believe that dishes/products/sauces/general food are healthy or better than usual for us because of key phrases like “low fat” or “zero fat” or even “free from”.
This is totally misleading advertising because the reality is, when fat is stripped from a product such as yogurt, it means that ‘they’ have put it through a process to take the fat out (which can’t be good for us) and added in chemicals or sugar (you devil) in replacement to make it taste as good if not better.

Back in the day, I used to always buy fat free yogurt and thought I was being so savvy and totally healthy. It was only until the facts started coming out that actually fat isn’t all bad for you that I started to do my own research into these fat free products and then I realised the fat free yogurt that I was buying had 16g more sugar in it than the full fat yogurt. SIXTEEN GRAMS. That’s a lot of sugar for just a little pot of snacking.

What I’m trying to say is – don’t be fooled by products that are pushed to be seen as healthy.

It goes the same for bars similar to mine. We all can shout about how these products are free from dairy, wheat and gluten which to the average eye would mean that you are good to go. This is now your go-to goodie. What you may not have seen is that the product is actually full of sugar.
Natural sugar or refined sugar, it’s still sugar.

Top tip. Stay clear of ‘health’ snacks bars which first ingredient states dates.


Little bit of advice from me to you. I’m not a qualified nutritionist so don’t take my every word, it’s just a little bit of Evie thought for you all.

Much Love

Evie Xx


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