So I’ve extracted these tips from the YouTube video I put up last week, where I had the pleasure of quizzing Annie (banannie) from BreakfastnBrunch on how she would advise the best ways to build a successful blog and online presence!


The link to the video is here,Interview with Annie ,  in case you wanted to see a visual version but if you don’t have much time, here are the key points that I’ve pulled out combined with my own.

PHOTOS – visual content is key nowadays, we are so Instagram and happy snappy obsessed that build a real and attractive blog, photos are really important. If you didn’t know already, Instagram is the most used form of social media to date and so if you are looking to start an online business/ build a presence, Instagram is where you need to be!

By no means, do you now have to go out and get a degree in photography.
No way hozay, you can take seriously insane photos with your own phone or better yet your own camera (Annie advised to use SONY) and use an editing app to make them look the best they can!

banana fudge stack
I used my own phone and an app to create this photo!

Take inspiration from other pages, look at how other people create photo art and use that to create your own!

DO WHAT YOU LOVE – This is so important because eventually it will really start to show through your work. Jumping on the bandwagon because something has started to become trendy will slow you down because eventually you will get bored and disinterested in what you’re doing.
Trust me, I’ve seen it happen with people I know and they’ve eventually moved onto something. So stick to what you’re genuinely passionate about and it will shine through 😊

KEEP IT REAL – Keeping it real and keeping it you! Work on your branding so you have a solid focus point for people to relate to or to describe to others!

ADD VALUE – Adding value to your readers will only encourage them to stay loyal and to find you/your blog of interest. For example, I (Evie) give away recipes which helps provide people with different dishes they may not have known already. It also keeps things interesting!

BE REALISTIC WITH CONTENT – By this I mean, don’t over promise to your readers/followers that you’ll be posting 24/7 or providing recipes every day or uploading videos daily because if you set the barrier too high and end up disappointing, you’ll start to lose trust and loyalty. It sounds ridiculous but it’s so true.
We aimed to put a YouTube video out once a week, and although it started that way, it hasn’t ended that way and when it started to become every 2 weeks, I’d get messages asking when I was putting my video up, it’s now been more than a week… and then you have unnecessary pressure! Also posting only once or twice a day, you keep up the interest and intrigue. Sometimes too much can put people off!

So I hope you’ve found this helpful and enjoyed my short but sweet post.

Enjoy building your blog!

Much Love

Evie XX


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