Okay so if you didn’t know already, I have a huge LOVE for coffee (no thanks to my father who is a coffee addict) and my love of breakfast foods is ongoing. Now I don’t tend to eat my breakfast when I first wake up so most of the time BRUNCH is totally on the cards!

(So just to recap: the key to my heart is ((god damn)) good coffee and brunch dates).

I feel as a nation we are becoming totally smashed avo and eggs crazy, and so I thought I’d share with you my favourite places around Manchester for exciting, delicious and nutritious brunches.

Holy avo Moly, this place is honestly INSANE. Firstly, West Didsbury is definitely a love of mine, but I first came across this wonderful café when I was doing the West Didsbury markets with my beautiful mother and of course, it was FREEZING. In fact it was that cold that we kept taking it in turns to use the coffee shop closest (thyme out) to get coffee, go to the toilet, look at the menu, check out the interior, check our makeup… you know the usual excuses to get inside into the warmth! Well –
not only are the staff absolutely welcoming (the eye candy isn’t too bad either), the brunch choices are just insane. AND better yet, it opens at 8am on a SUNDAY.
Which, for us early rises, is a god send.
I’ve enjoyed lots of dishes from there but quite recently my carnival mushroom (with avo) plate was one to  tell the grand kids. (Think it’s called Shrooms on toast). Picture to follow – 23634830_10159572197705293_565059737_n

Here at this gorgeous dinky food shack, a delightfully quaint man (must find out his name) makes the most incredible heavenly vegan food and although he doesn’t say much, his food definitely has a lot to tell! The flavours he creates definitely turn all the heads. It isn’t exactly brunch specified, but the lentil dahl he makes has my mouth watering at the thought of it. To be brunch exact, his avo on toast concoction is one I’ve not found to beat. With lime and coriander mixed in on only the finest bread (found in the next shack along) makes this dish quite exotic for the mouth.

Well…another beauty of a hang out to pop up. Starting off just selling coffee and cakes (our cakes…trendy af right?) which was just amazing as that (the coffee is just the best yet) and now they are serving up wholesome dishes inspired by other countries, Australia being one of them. And my you can tell, ALL the dishes are fresh, tasty and healthy and leave you feeling all buzzy afterwards, wanting more! Try out their soups for an explosion of fiery winter.

YEEEEE this is the one. My first ever taste of ‘Englands’ Australia after leaving there. I went here when they first opened, waiting half an hour to get a table, (I know what you’re thinking but in all fairness it is really quite small…) and I’m a pretty impatient person when it comes to food but HALLE – bloody – JUAH , it was divine. The combinations were totally different and unique to any other place in the NQ and to be honest, I’d only seen these dishes put together whilst being in the sunny lands of AUS and BALI. So ,thank you F B AND C, you da bomb.

Sausage Saturdays. I don’t even need to say much about this place because you just NEED to go. On a Saturday, they put their huge outside hot plate/BBQ to play and start firing out fried potatoes, sausages (if you’re into that ‘kinda’ thing), onions (HOLY HELL I LOVE FRIED ONIONS) and all things that SMELL just god damn fine. Not only do they have this fired up food machine, but inside they have the best deli ever. Amazing bagels (big fan), sandwiches, breads, salads, avo, olive bar… you get the picture. They even have a little outdoor seating area which is super cute to sit there as traffic goes by whilst your stuffing your face and dropping mustard everywhere. Or that could just be me. Mustard though!

So, I hope you’ve enjoyed my short intros to these wonderful places! I know I’ve enjoyed writing about it! Now I’m off to enjoy some more delicious food (I sound obsessed… I’m not, really) at the Altrincham market, another favourite of mine.
AVO fab evening.

Much love

Evie Xx

PS. Please note, these are not my own photos. I took them from the Instagram of each place.


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