The Power of food’s for Winter

The dark nights are drawing in, the cold breeze is chilling the back of our necks and the sunlight is a distant friend. All of these mean our bodies aren’t in the best condition, we’re lacking vitamins and energy and we could really do with a nutritious boost. Fight off the winter blues and blossom out of hibernation with these immune-boosting foods.


Oh holy hell, who else is OBSESSED with the ginger ninja vegetable? It is my go-to veg to juice in the colder days. Having a shot of this every morning helps prevent and fight off the runny noses and tight chests we seem to get in the winter. It also acts as a ‘wake up’ call for me! There is no need for caffeine in the morning when you have a shot of ginger shot… trust me. Why not give it a go? One piece of ginger juiced with a sprinkle of cayenne pepper and a squeeze of lemon. Let me know how you get on!

Dark Chocolate

The day I discovered chocolate was good for me was possibly one of the happiest moments in my life. It is one of the best natural sources of antioxidants, iron, magnesium, and zinc. To be more straight to the point and cut out the science jargon, zinc is an important trace mineral and is vital for immune function, and is going to help you out a hell of a lot when keeping your mojo intact over winter.


The one reason I love carrots is because of their versatility – in summer they’re fab for a quick snack served raw with dips hummus or sour cream, and in winter they’re a homely comfort food in the world of soups – YUM. Whichever way you eat them, they’re going to give you an impressive boost of vitamin A. And what does vitamin A do? Boost your immune system, helping to protect against infection and reduce the risk and duration of respiratory illness (coughs and chest infections) by keeping our lungs healthy.


Garlic works wonders when it comes to our health, not just our recipes! It has been used for treating illnesses for thousands of years and is still recommended by health experts for keeping colds and flu away. However, it’s not to everyone’s tastes. If you’re not its biggest fan, then odorless supplements that come in capsules can be purchased at most pharmacies.


When the weather is dull, it usually shows in your skin and hair too. Add some brightness into your day with some clementine’s – the perfect burst of colour and flavour on a dreary dark day, citrus fruits are at their peak during the winter. Yes, clementine’s have vitamin C, but they also boast calcium, magnesium, and potassium. One of the biggest signs of vitamin C deficiency is tiredness and fatigue – symptoms we often fall victim to in the dark months of the year. So, adding clementine’s to your diet will improve your immune defense system, protect you from viruses and bacteria, heal any wounds, reduce cholesterol, cell lifespan and even prevent scurvy!


Can you get any more Christmasy than cinnamon? I don’t think so. If you don’t already consume your body weight in this festive spice – now’s the time. And now you know it’s good for you, too, it’s even more fabulous than before! But what does it do to us? It brightens our skin and promotes younger looking skin – perfect for this time of year! With Christmas wish list’s as long as our arm and Christmas dinner shopping lists as long as our legs, our brains are usually frazzled at this time of year. But this spice has actually been proven to improve our memory, so this year even Great Aunt Mabel won’t be left off the Christmas card list – Cinnamon to the rescue!

So, I hope I’ve helped give you more of an insight to the winter world of foods. Try adding these into your diet on a regular basis and you’ll be feeling WINTER WONDERFUL in no time.
Enjoy 😊
Much Love,
Evie Xx


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