So lets talk smoothie… love love love.
Im cramming alot in this fine day but I thought I’d pay you all a visit..wahoo so this is just a quick post…nonetheless it’ll be thrilling
Smoothies for me, I use as my ” pleasure”…they’re ALWAYS delicious and nutritious.
Filling and satisfying..what more do you want.
On the go, before or after workouts, a potential meal as such..you name it, smoothie can do it!
The fun thing is, you can experiment and really never go wrong!! ..  Well I should hope not.

I was feeling a little adventurous at home this morning, so rather than being hyper and annoying everyone else! I thought I would throw myself into a quest… to come up with a sassy smoothie.

And so I have!!


I’ll briefly touch on my all time Smoothie Rules
– maximum of 2 fruits (too much sugar otherwise!!)
– do not use dairy (yogurt,ice cream,milk) but instead a banana or avocado to thicken
– ALWAYS throw a bundle of superfoods in there (extra goodness).. the more the merrier!
– Add in the Liquid – I often use almond milk, but theres other options too ( coconut milk/water)
Bravo, now you have the dooming rules, you can play around with your smoothie however you wish!

The smoothie above is DELICIOUS
2 layers of yummy goodness

Layer one 

1/2 frozen banana
125ml almond milk
1 tsp MACA powder
1/2 tsp cinnamon
1 tsp Coconut shavings

Layer Two

1/2 frozen banana
125 ml almond milk
1 handful of mixed berries
1 tsp of CHIA SEEDS

Blend both separetely and layer as desired.

Delicious and nutritious

Hope you enjoy!!

Much love, Evie X



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